Dim My Light and Play Some Music Album, Vol. 1 (Radio Version)


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Dim My Light and Play Some Music, Vol. 1

  1. Making a Statement
  2. Timeout
  3. Add it up
  4. Rebirth
  5. Crazy Love (Interlude Pt.1)
  6. Better Man
  7. Activated
  8. Hello Danger (Interlude Pt.2)
  9. Turnt (Feat. RonGski & Phaze)
  10. Dream World

Dim My Light and Play Some Music, Vol. 2 (Uncut Version Only)

  1. Sinatra
  2. All I See
  3. Lie to Me (Feat. Barium)
  4. Made it Home (Feat. Chantelle) (B.L.M)
  5. Truth Be Told (Feat. Daewitagun)
  6. 4 Ever (Interlude Pt.3)
  7. Last One
  8. Fly in the City
  9. Rare
  10. She said yes (Feat E.) (Interlude Pt.4)
  11. Truth Be Told Pt. 2
  12. Superstar
  13. Bonus Track*



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